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 About  Drum Lessons

I  look forward to providing you with top notch instruction in the areas of drums, percussion, recording, and music performance.

I will help you get the most out of your lessons and help you meet your goals.

I teach all ages, styles of music, and skill levels.​ From Beginner to Intermediate - Advanced  and Pro.

Whether you are looking to learn or improve your drum skills, follow your dreams, or just have some fun,  I will give you the personalized attention and knowledge to succeed!

Learn everything from the basics to the most advanced skills. Learn how to read music. Learn your favorite songs by ear/ by chart! Full studies of hand and foot technique, rudiments, grooves, fills, independence, and solo concepts. Learn every and any style to make yourself  EMPLOYABLE and VERSATILE in any situation! How to audition for the gig you want, Double bass, odd meter, stick tricks, recording, writing, creating and so much more!


- A Customized lesson plan for each individual because everyones needs 

are unique.

-SIMPLE Proven break down method of teaching that works for EVERYONE!

-I make learning drums fun and easy!

- I am always here for you.

-I have a passion for helping everyone!

-With proper practice, I will guide you so that YOU WILL reach all of your goals.

You can take lessons from me in the following ways:


1. ONLINE via Facetime/Skype/Zoom.


2. IN PERSON-at my studio.


I also offer house calls to help you build, set up, and maintain your kit!! 












* To Sign Up for Drum Lessons: Please fill out the lesson sign up form and click the Submit Button Below. I look forward to teaching YOU!



Exclusive Online Instruction Membership

        - Members Only Area

        - Instructional Drum Videos

Videos will cover everything from the basics (fundimental technique, rudiments, beginning drum set, posture, reading music, ear training, playing songs, and independence) to advanced concepts (double bass, odd meter, ostinatos, stick tricks) and much more.

You will have the luxury of studying with me anywhere & anytime you want!  Work completely at your own pace!! 

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