Greg Collister

Greg Collister is a high energy LA based drummer who lives for the light of the stage. He freelances work and is available for hire. Best known for his “crowd captivating” style of drumming, he plays for the artist, always paying attention to detail. Greg's display of extreme passion for drumming and presence behind the drums is felt with a solid groove, tasteful fills, and showmanship. He holds a degree in professional drumming/percussion from Musician's Institute-Hollywood, CA and plays all styles of music making him suitable for everything from live performance to studio recording in any genre. He has most recently studied with international drum sensation Thomas Lang.


Recent projects include: LA rock band-Human Drama, that has taken him internationally to Mexico to perform for thousands. California Metal band-Superfix, featuring vocalist Kalen Chase (former Korn, Vimic) with a recent show played at the House of Blues Anaheim, CA where special guests Logan Mader (former soulfly, machine head guitarist) & Damien Rainaud-bass (dragon force) appeared on stage with the band. Greg's performances to packed crowds with stylistically diverse bands and artists can be witnessed across California and everywhere else he’s called to action. Other recent performances include drumming for Patrique Fortson (from NBC’s hit show “The Voice”), Oakheart Country music Festival with California country band-Big Mike & the Reckonin’, SHAH XO, playing drums at Discovery & Stonebridge Worship.


"Drumming is not just what I do. It's a way of life. It's who I am. It's my heart and soul transcribed on an instrument as old as time itself. Like a powerful heart beat it is felt in your body & processed by your mind so that your soul may be reached. That's what gives my life purpose. Feel my energy transcending time. Watch my soul unfold in front of you. This has been & always will be my life....Drumming!"

-Greg Collister

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