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The "Do What You Love" Yoga-T from Collister Clothing-Drumline & Beyond! The Official Merch of LA based professional drummer Greg Collister"Do What You Love Series" RELAX, breathe deep, and stretch in this comfy unisex heavy cotton tee, it comes in several color choices and is the basic staple of any wardrobe. Order Yours Today!

*This series is dedicated to my Grandpa Norman who left me with this very important message before passing away, in our final conversation he said, "boy it sure is important to do what you love!" To all of you out there that get to do what you love: I commend you! Remember how extremely blessed you truly are, take nothing for granted. To those struggling: I truly hope this will help you remember just how much it's worth fighting for the life you want. To be able to do what you love in this Lifetime is worth everything you have been through and continue to go through. It is necessary in order to find your way and live a life of purpose in love & pure happiness. Keep fighting! You CAN do this! -GC 

"Do What You Love" Yoga-T


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